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What is Cell2Cell®?

Cell2Cell® is a cloud based service for Microsoft Excel® that enables inter-spreadsheet communication and cell value distribution in Real-Time. Based on the Publish/Subscribe paradigm published values are sent to all subscribing and entitled users simultaneously.

Globally available

With Cell2Cell® users can receive values from and send values to Microsoft Excel® users around the globe in Real-Time using only two formulas: CloudGet() and CloudSend().


Add-in and go!

A single Excel Add-In makes this possible which connects to the Global IoT Backbone (GIoTB) at Safe Swiss Cloud in Switzerland, thus bringing the world of IoT to Spreadsheets securely.

Get even more professional in Excel

Professional users already know how to get data into Excel from their local network or databases, but using Cell2Cell® Data will be arriving in Real-Time from anywhere in the Internet. Now users are able to send information from any spreadsheet cell to any place in the world in Real-Time to thousands of users simultaneously.

Never seen new possibilities

Sending values to many different users simultaneously and in real-time out of Microsoft Excel® has never been possible before. Users today try to circumvent this missing feature in Microsoft Excel® using databases or shared files. This gets them into a lot of trouble supporting and maintaining their “projects”. Also data update speed, project transparency and workbook compliance are big issues. With Cell2Cell® it becomes very easy to keep virtually interconnected workbooks clean, transparent and easy to support by enabling real-time communication.


Connect your Applications to the Global IoT Backbone (GIoTB)

Professional Cell2Cell® Users and Companies using the Cell2Cell® Enterprise Edition can request access to the GIoTB API available for Windows and Linux platforms.

Easy development of streaming data sources for your company

The GIoTB API allows the development of micro services that connect to the Global IoT Backbone thus being able to publish and subscribe data in a more scalable way. Having access to the Global IoT Backbone e.g. allows real-time analytic engines running in the cloud to process streaming data, analyze data in real-time and back publish signals in real-time. These signals can then be subscribed by any other cloud service using the GIoTB API as well as Microsoft Excel® Cell2Cell® Users.
Other fields of use might be message recording for compliance requirements, real-time analytics for real-time statistics or global transparency of machine states in the manufacturing area.

Available Editions

Cell2Cell® will be available in three different editions.
Cell2Cell® Personal Edition (PRELAUNCH for Testers from 20th October 2016):
The personal edition allows sending and receiving personal values in real-time which are bound personally to your user. You can freely send and receive up to one thousand free definable fieldnames to all users that you have allowed (entitled) to receive these values using the Cell2Cell® User Editor available in the Cell2Cell® Ribbon after installing and activating the Add-In. This edition allows using the formulas CloudSend() and CloudGet().
The Cell2Cell® Cloud service has reserved a special data stream identifier (called provider) for all personal data coming from all Cell2Cell® users with the Identifier ‘c2c’. Personal Data sent by one user can only be permissioned to other users by the Data owner.

Cell2Cell® Business Edition (Launch: January 2017):
All features of the Personal Edition apply. Additionally, the Business Edition comes with 5 included users and allows adding users in groups of five up to a number of 500 users in the cloud. All features of the Personal Edition apply. Additionally Business Users can request their own “Providers” for distribution of Data from Data Feeds (e.g. Financial Market Data Feeds) or groups of Users where the data owner is not a single user. This edition allows using the additional formulas CloudSendP() and CloudGetP().
Business and Enterprise Editions are able to request company or enterprise-wide ‘providers’ like ‘BCCGroup’, ‘Morningstar’, ‘IoT-MyCompany’ etc. related to the information in the stream or company name. This data cannot be entitled by a single user but is entitled by the C2C Admin.
Business users can request company owned real-time sources on project base allowing this data to be streamed to the system using a specific provider ID (pls. contact
Also this edition allows the activation of one user defined data dictionary per Provider ID. Companies use this feature to limit and control the field names being published in order to be compliant with existing in-house systems connected to Cell2Cell® data streams.

Cell2Cell®Enterprise edition (Launch: January 2017):
All features of the Business Edition apply. Additionally, the Enterprise edition allows a full installation of the Cell2Cell® System on premises or in a customer defined cloud, where the Customer owns and controls the installation. Using the Enterprise edition Customers can built their own, dedicated environment without having to share load or message flows with other customers or users.
One single enterprise edition installation allows up to 2000 simultaneous Microsoft Excel® sessions and hundreds of additional connections from feeds or micro services using the Cell2Cell® API with a maximum message flow over all connections between 50K to 10 Million messages per second depending on message router versions, average message size and bandwidth.

Invite and distribute your data!

In order to allow other users to see your data, simply invite them and after they are registered you can allow access to your data. Don’t worry, your user data is protected by an entitlement system that protects your data thus delivering only to users that you have permissioned.

Add more real-time Data to the system!

As a Business or Enterprise User you can add your own real-time Sources to the System either using Excel or the GIoTB API. Business and Enterprise Users can request their own Source-ID and stream company specific data to all registered and entitled users.


Build your own Global IoT Backbone

With more than 10 years of experience in the real-time business BCC Group can help you get your company into the Global IoT Backbone. Connect Sensors, Machines, Databases or any in-House Application to the Backbone either using MQTT or any other Messaging Protocol. We’re happy to get your company connected from anywhere to everywhere.
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